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RN12 | Finistère | Bretagne

Between the sea and the Monts d’Arrée at the very heart of the land of parish enclosures (typically containing a church, a charnel house, a calvaire sculpture and perhaps a cemetery), Saint-Thégonnec welcomes you with open arms. A small, pleasant town in northern Finistère, situated close to the RN 12 motorway, today Saint-Thégonnec comprises a little over 2,600 inhabitants. Bounded by two rivers, the Penzé and the Coatoulzac’h, the town of Saint-Thégonnec is a triangular shape stretching some 13km with a 6km base. Its riches are numerous and its landscapes varied. All of them bear the mark of the hard labour carried out by the men and women of this land of exchanges, where the bracing air of the Arrée mixes with the first marine fragrances.


Saint-Thégonnec is part of a journey of discovery of the parish enclosures within the Finistère region, which is well known to French and overseas visitors. Tours of our beautiful enclosed areas can be enjoyed year round. However, these tours are more frequent in the period stretching from April through to late September.


The hospitality reserved for tourists already holds a significant place in the projects of the town, the associations, the shopkeepers and the population as a whole. The life of the town of Saint-Thégonnec is punctuated throughout the year by these exchanges and encounters between visitors and the locals.


Though Saint-Thégonnec is primarily known for its parish enclosures, the town and its inhabitants have other elements of heritage to introduce to visitors: the remains of a medieval castle, a developed patrimony linked to past work with flax (from the 15th to the 18th centuries) and a natural heritage showcased via different hiking trails…



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Tourist office

13 place de la Mairie


29410 – Saint-Thégonnec


Téléphone : 02 98 79 67 80




Town hall

2 place de la Mairie


29410 Saint-Thégonnec


Tél. : 02 98 79 61 06





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