By car

It’s time to go on vacation! The suitcases are packed, the trunk is loaded and the stress is gone… but before you get to your destination,
it’s the holiday route that begins… To ensure that long car journeys remain pleasant and serene journeys,
focus on some practical tips.


Whether you prefer the efficiency of motorways or take your time on national roads, the important thing is to study the best route possible to reach their destination. Watch out for the big weekends cross-hunting: taking the secondary roads could make you save time and avoid the stress of traffic jams!


If you are travelling with children, this break is even more necessary. It will allow them to let off steam for a few minutes and will also rest the parents! Driving with children screaming in the back can be tiring for the driver and can cause him to commit recklessness.


It can never be repeated enough: for your safety, it is advisable to take a break at least every 2 hours. To take a break, stop in a quiet and quiet place. This is an opportunity to have a coffee, have a bite to eat and relax.
So why not enjoy a quiet break in a Village Étape before calmly returning to the road?


This is a stress that we would do without well before the holidays! On the road, prices can vary from simple to double, so to avoid unpleasant surprises why not venture off the roads and take the opportunity to discover local products.


Enjoy a break on the road without turning away from your destination in one of the 62 Villages Étapes of France. The principle is simple: located less than 5 minutes from a national road or a free motorway, the Villages Étapes offer all the shops and services necessary for your break on the road.

The Villages Étapes represent an alternative to service areas by promoting the local economy of the village and its surroundings. This alternative also helps to relieve congestion in rest areas that can “saturate” during peak traffic, especially in the summer, or make up for their absence on certain roads. A small break for you, but a citizen’s act for maintaining trade in the rural world.

You’ll find:

  • many parking spaces for a safe stop
  • traditional catering, hotel accommodation and/or quality guest rooms as well as shops such as bakery, grocery, butcher’s, press but also a pharmacy, a garage, a distributor automatic tickets, etc.
  • useful public facilities such as toilets, a picnic area and a playground. Your break becomes complete with everything you need around you!
  • a warm and smiling welcome awaits you in the Villages Étapes, away from the stresses of the big cities and the busy roads.

The Villages Étapes: 100 human, 100 services!

Travelling by electric car

Discover the map of The Step Villages with an electric charging station for your vehicle!

Depending on your itinerary you can discover the ideal village step to recharge your car while enjoying its shops and services on site.

Travelling by old car

Travelling alone or in an old-fashioned car across France?

Discover the list of Villages Étapes where you can stop for a lunch break or a night out on your getaways!

Are you part of an old car association and would like to get documentation for your group? Contact us!

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