On a motorcycle

A tailor-made motorbike break in les Villages étapes

All the shops and services are available in les Villages étapes, those villages are the guarantee of an ideal break on the road during your motorbike escapades. Far from overcrowded motorway service areas, les Villages étapes are a friendly and quiet alternative for a coffee break, lunch or even an overnight stay!

Les Villages étapes welcome motorcyclists!

If you want more than just a stopover on your way, les Villages étapes also offer you their brand new Road-trips for rides in France, alternating tourist discoveries and services on the road for a successful motorbike trip! A multitude of road-trips are waiting for you to download for free:

The Road Book
The GPS Pack
The Journey

Village étape: the ideal break during your road trip

When you need a break, les Villages étapes you pass through will offer you all the shops and services you need, because stopping in a certified village guarantees that you will find a restaurant, café, bakery, tobacconist’s, petrol station, garage, grocer’s shop, etc., all close to where you park.

Taking a break in one of the 70 Villages étapes means defending and supporting local commerce and consume locally. The warm welcome of the shopkeepers and the inhabitants will be there! To make sure you don’t miss out on any of the villages on your route, ask for the free digital or paper version of the network map!

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