Becoming a Village Étape

Born in the Limousin region, the Village Étape label® is now a state label issued by the Ministry of Ecological and SolidarityTransition.

Why become a Village Étape?

Becoming a Village Étape is to engage in a quality hospitality approach in order to offer road users the services and shops of your commune for a pleasant break on their journey. The aim is of course to enhance the assets of its territory but also to ensure additional economic benefits for the professionals of your municipality. Village Étape is also a tool to mobilize all the players of the territory around a common economic and tourism development project.

Despite the difficulty of measuring very accurately and numerically the traffic related to Village Étape in the communes, all the municipalities ask for the renewal of their label and not a single trader would want to see the signs Villages Étape on The road. All agree that the attendance of their commune increased after the labeling Village Étape.

After more than 20 years of operation, it has been clearly seen that the Village Étape plays a role as a service hub in its territory by having a density of food shops, hotels and restaurants superior to other municipalities. The evolution of the commercial fabric is positive, faster transmission or creation of businesses are observed and the population is mostly growing as well. The quality of the urban space in the downtown has also improved.

How to become a village étape?

You are interested in becoming A Village Étape, the French Federation of Step Villages can accompany you in this process. Created in 2002 as the Association Law 1901, the Federation, headquartered in Limoges, brings together all the municipalities certified in France. It is run by an office and a board of directors composed of actors (elected or tourist offices) of the Villages Étapes themselves.

Its main tasks are:

  • representation of the municipalities certified with the partners of the and in particular with the State (Ministry of Ecology)
  • respect for the quality of services and the reception offered in the municipalities
  • development of the network by accompanying the candidate municipalities and working)
  • promoting the network

The steps in the labeling process

  1. analysis and diagnosis of the commune under the national charter
  2. review of a pre-candidate by the Ministry of the Federation for an initial opinion
  3. development of the application file if the first opinion is favorable (administrative assembly of the file, awareness of the commitments that will be theirs, contacts with local partners)
  4. filing the file with the Prefect of the Department, who will seek the advice of several local services and who will transfer to the Ministry the complete file (request of the municipality – notice of the local services – notice of summary of the Prefecture)
  5. review of the file by the Department and the Federation for formal advisory advice
  6. return of the file to the Prefecture
  7. signing an agreement between the Mayor and the Prefect of Department if the Ministry’s opinion is positive
  8. laying road signs Village Étape on the road

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